Rekindling Your Sex Life After Child Birth

When your baby is here does your sex life disappear?
After a woman gives birth, things really do change, especially in the bedroom. Its hard being a parent, let alone being a mom, from changing, feeding, nurturing your little one and of course lack of sleep can put a toll on one’s hormones. Therefore, the last thing we want is to have any type of relations with our husband.
We see celebrity moms looking radiant on the red carpet after giving birth, with the spanx and the sultry looks we think that we are in this alone, but we are not and trust me they are going through the same up and downs as you are.
It takes a long time for us moms to feel good about ourselves, but remember our spouses love us and we are still very beautiful and sexy to them, so try these sure fire tips to get back in the swing of things with your spouse:
  • Call on your support system to watch your kids
  • Make time for each other
  • Showing intimacy in little steps (try kissing!)
  • Talk to your spouses about your fears
  • Take 20 mins for ourselves to re-energize ourselves



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