Techie Thursday: Top Pregnancy Apps for Moms

Photo: Baby Bump app (Free)

Check out these great apps for download so that you can keep track and become more knowledgeable as the big day approaches.

Pregnancy Calendar ($9.99) Pregnancy Calendar offers a bundle of essential tools in an easy-to-navigate calendar interface.

The Pregnancy Alarm ($.99) is an ovulations calendar, to let you know when its the right time to enjoy some alone time with your mate.

Foods to Avoid When Pregnant ($.99) Not only do you have to put up with the aches, tiredness, and other physical pains of pregnancy, but you also have to contend with a dizzying list of foods that you suddenly can’t eat.

Pregnancy Tracker from WhatToExpect (Free) Read the book? Use the site? Now you can download What to Expect When You’re Expecting


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