Cooking 101 for Moms

Posted on Sep 22 2010 - 3:23pm by Mommy Posh

If there’s one thing that this momma does not know how to do is…COOK!  Trust me I’ve tried.  When I got married, I swore to my hubby that he would smell the delicious scent of home cooking everyday but, with my hectic work schedule and just ole plan “I just don’t know how to” I soon broke that vow and became a pro at ordering take-out…come on people that takes skill.  Then baby came along and I swore that this momma would make everything homemade but, then early discovered Plum Organics and Earth’s Best Organic baby food, that was just like home cooking to me…right?  Well, now that Lil’ B is almost 9 months old his Pediatrician wants me to begin introducing him to “real” food, basically whatever mommy and daddy eats, baby should eat to..oh boy!  What is this non-cooking mommy suppose to do???!!!

So last night, I attempted the unthinkable and cooked for Lil’ B…I looked in my kitchen cabinet and had a A-HA moment!  Pasta!  yep, that’ll do…I boiled the water (its a start), cooked enough for daddy and I and could not wait to begin this new level of motherhood.  Giddy with excitement, I sang a pasta song to my son (I used the theme to “twinkle twinkle little star”, which goes with everything).

Pasta drained, its now ready to be served.  Cutting it up in tiny tiny pieces I began to feed it to my open mouthed boy.  “Mmmm”” I expressed in glee…with one bite my son began to wrinkle his face and spit out.  “Come on Lil B, Mommy made you some delicious pasta”, with a look as if to tell me “Who cares” Lil B could not and would not have another bite.  After beating myself up, I then later came to realization that practice make perfect and as I have conquered the task of giving birth (granted I had a C-Section) and breast-feed this momma can do just about anything, I will not be discouraged.

Stay tuned for more cooking stories.

Am I the only momma that is struggling with the “easy” task of cooking for her baby? if you have a story that you would like to share drop me a line at

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