Product Review Tuesday: Texthook

Posted on Oct 5 2010 - 12:37pm by Mommy Posh

Courtesy of Texthook

I have the privilege to provide you with the coolest gadget review ever!

Smartphone + Stroller = TEXTHOOK! Its that simple!  This is by far the ULTIMATE “Must Have” accessory for 2010. It is a SAFE and CONVENIENT holder for your iphone/blackberry, called the Texthook (, $26)

The product was sent to me for review and I must say that this was a no brainer.  It took no time to strap onto the stroller and was easily adjsutable.  The cool accessory frees up both hands to perform other parental tasks such as holding a baby, feeding him/her or changing the diapers – basically anything that requires both hands to jump into action. How great is that!

MommyPosh Rating: If you are an active mommy and need your gadget fix, then Texthook is for you

*No monetary compensation was received for this review and all opinions are those of Mommy Posh.*

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