Tuesday Tips: Friends Every Mom Needs

Thank god for my BFF, she is fun, loud, a great listener and SINGLE!  Yes, I said it – SINGLE! Don’t get me wrong I love my married with kids life but, there are times when I need to have a glass of wine and not talk about spit up, what’s for dinner or just simply have an adult conversation.

No matter how old our kids are, we moms need our confidantes. These six are lifesavers — but before you freak out, thinking, “I don’t even have six friends,” don’t worry: One woman might fill several roles, making you one lucky gal.
1. The Single Gal Pal – This is the perfect gal pal to plan a getaway with – for the day, the weekend or just for a few hours, you and her can have tons of fun without the baby.
2. Just-Like-Me Mom – This is the mom that you meet at gymboree or at the grocery store.  She is experiencing exactly what you are going through.  Both of you can compare notes and lean on each other for support.
3. The Well-Rounded Mom – She gets you, she’s been-there, done that type of mom. If you have questions about your teething baby, baby proofing your home, or choosing the right pediatrician she has words of wisdom for you.
4. The Babysitter – She loves kids!  take advantage of her when you want to have date night with your hubby.
5. Shopping Buddy – This is your glam friend. Every mom, needs this gal pal around.  As a mom, we tend to forget about what’s in fashion but, this gal pal can put you back in the swing of things.
6. What-You-See-It-What-You-Get – She’s honest and outspoken and will tell you when you are acting a little nutty.  Honesty is the best policy.

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