Got Any Left Over Halloween Candy?

Posted on Nov 1 2010 - 5:49pm by Mommy Posh

Are you like me and perhaps millions of others who had a Snickers candy bar for breakfast? yikes!  with so many left over candy from last night’s halloween what is a mom to do when she is trying to fit back into those slimming jeans? here are a few ideas and even cool recipes that may make you glad that you do have some yummy treats left over.

  • Halloween Candy Buy Back:  Bring any left over candy to your local dentist office and they will send your candy to Operation Gratitude or other Military Support Groups.  Operation Gratitude sends the candy to U.S. Military deployed in harm’s way.  What a great way to Patriotic.
  • Toss some in pancake or muffin batter for chocolate chip surprise. Yummy.
  • Save it for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  With round-the-clock family and neighbors wishing you well for the holidays, what is a great way to say Happy Holidays with a goodie bag of delicious treats
  • Donate it! What a great way to keep someone smiling if you drop off your leftover candy to shelters. Who doesn’t love a delicious treat.
  • Take them to the office and share with your co-workers.
  • Planning a bachelorette party?  make a necklace with lollipops and candies for the bride-to-be
  • Use colorful candies for collages or picture frames

How do you use your left over candy?  drop me a line on and your idea can be featured here.

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