Pregnant? Want A Glasss Of Wine?

Posted on Apr 21 2011 - 11:00am by Mommy Posh

Will this change your feelings about alcohol and pregnancy? Or will a pregnant woman holding a glass of red wine still set off your alarm bells? – yes, talking to you

You be the judge.

Gotcha!!  Last month, paparazzi caught Actress, Kate Hudson drinking – which appears to be red wine – while pregnant with her second child.  Kate is amongst a few moms-t0-be who feel that drinking a little somethin’-somethin’ is quiet alright.  Well is it really? according to a study released in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health suggests this it might be just fine.

Researchers at University College in London concluded that the children of women who drank “lightly” — meaning up to one to two drinks a week — during pregnancy did no worse on cognitive tests at age 5 than children of mothers who did not drink at all. Actually, they did slightly better on the tests, which included things like “naming vocabulary,” “picture similarities” and “pattern construction.”

The children of mothers who went beyond “light drinking,” however, had noticeably lower scores.

This is not really news, of course, since some doctors have long said that a little is not a problem — the problem is defining “a little.”

Many experts say the occasional glass of wine is quite acceptable for expecting mothers, but other experts say there’s not enough knowledge to know for sure and that damage to the fetus is possible.


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