All he wants is Mommy

It is not easy being a Posh Mommy when your little boy becomes so attached to you that leaving a room will illicit the tell tale whimper of an impending flood of tears that will just break your heart.  Being a stay at home has some amazing benefits and also some unfortunate drawbacks.  My son is learning new things everyday, I can make sure to keep him engaged and not hooked on the DVD player, I can keep him safe, and watch what he eats.  However, being the main adult in his life for 10 hours a day while my husband is at work has created a bit of a 16 month old momma’s boy.

For months all he said and wanted was Dada and I kept asking why isn’t he saying Mamma?  Well now Mommy is his favorite word – so much so that when looking at my husband he is also referred to as Mommy.  I’ll admit I still find it cute as anything when he looks at me and says mommy.  His eyes light up, his arms reach out, and you just want to eat him up, but it does make walking out of the apartment upsetting for both of us.

What I have learned is you can’t succumb to the crying and run back to pick him up.  He has to learn that just because mommy isn’t in his line of sight it doesn’t mean she isn’t coming back.  The first couple of weeks I was not so strong and had a difficult timing leaving him, but that just makes things worse.

Here are some tips I have been trying to make me leaving a bit easier on my son…and husband

Short Escapes

Just telling my son that I will be right back and leaving the room for a couple of  minutes.  I am trying to make him see that just because I leave doesn’t mean I vanish.  If he sees me return I hope he will be less likely to get upset when I leave.

Keep Him Occupied

I find his favorite toy – right now anything with wheels – and get him playing.  Before he even realizes I am gone he is caught up in his own little world of cars and trucks.

Call Home

This one has been hit or miss.  If I am out for a decent amount of time – like when I saw Sister Act – I try to call home for a minute so my son can hear my voice.  My husband says if my son is acting up he will usually calm down, but if he just playing he gets upset because mommy isn’t around.

Don’t Worry

Overall I am not getting overly freaked out by his current actions.  This phase, like all others, will only be temporary.  Before long he will be on his daddy kick or his special toy fascination and I will wish he was just saying Mommy and looking for me.


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