Its Not My Fault That Your Child Is Going Through The Terrible Twos

My worst fear as a Parent actually came true, at the tender age of 16 months my son was pushed by another kid and fortunately a police officer was not called to the scene…

Lil B and I were at our usual spot, our friendly indoor play gym.  Now as a mom of a very active toddler, I understand that this is the place to release kids energy, but parents, please oh please, have control over your little ones.

I watched my son walk over to another boy (who looked liked he was about 24 months) who was holding onto a bin full of balls. Since my son loves balls he could not wait to get in on the fun, but the boy was not interested in having anyone join in.  The little boy then walked in front of my son, screamed “no!” and then shoved him.  My son immediately cried, I cried (inside) and saw red. Cue the music to Jaws!. I ran over to the boy and swattted his hand and screamed “don’t you ever touch my son!”. Until then did I realize that I too had hit a kid not my own (which I later apologized for) and waited for his mother to yell at me for doing so or even yell at him for behaving badly, but all she said in a soft spoken voice was “Play nice”.  What??!! “Play nice!”

This is the first time that I ever been in this situation, so being a first time mom, my instinct took over and my “no-nonsense” attitude (my husband likes to call it something else) took over.  What is up with parents? Why did the mom just sit there and casual watch the situation unfold? Why did she not get up and intervene? Obviously the little boy was being a bully. Was the mom too tired to handle it? Does she think that this is how a two year old is suppose to act?.  Obviously, I realize that kids are going to do this to each other from time to time, and not play in perfect harmony, but when it’s really young children, and the parents are sitting there watching, don’t you think they should intervene, and teach them not to hurt other kids? or should my boy “man-up” and take it like a man?

What do you think?


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