Traveling With Your Kids This Holiday Weekend?

I recently saw a commercial for a product called the Ride On Carry On, its said to help you while traveling with your kids.  Ok, being the cynic that I am, my first reaction was hysterical laughter, seriously if you need this product then maybe you shouldn’t be a parent….ok hold your remarks…you be the judge.

YouTube Preview Image

But after much thinking it lead me to look for other innovative products that are said to help parents on the move. And believe you me there are more that you thought…

In honesty, traveling with your kids can get overwhelming so you deserve all the help you can get right?  right!  here are a few items that are sure to help you with your extra special cargo.

Ride On Carry On (Amazon, $47.75)

Roller Buggy (Pixstudio)

Trunki (Amazon, $39.00)


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