June Is For Dads!

In honor of Father’s Day on June 19, let’s honor those cool dads. those cute dads. those clueless dads. those gadget dads. those sports dads. During the entire month of June.

Top 5 Gifts for Dad

  1. High-tech gadget (big boy toys) i.e.  iPad, big-screen TV, etc.
  2. Tickets to a sports game for the family (ok, just for him and the boys)
  3. Homemade coupon for a guilt-free boy’s night out (refer to #2)
  4. Splurge on a manly watch
  5. Spa visit for a “man”icure, massage, etc.

Top 5 Tips for New Dads

  1. Do everything your wife tells you
  2. Make dinner, do laundry, clean up after yourself
  3. Take paternal leave – you’ll never get this time back
  4. Spend time with just the two of you to bond
  5. Relax! Learning to be a dad takes time

Video:  What Not To Do As A Dad


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