Fashionable Fridays: Cool Beauty Apps That You’ll Love!

Posted on Jun 24 2011 - 10:00am by Mommy Posh

Avoid bad hair days, keep skin healthy, and touch up makeup on the go with these 3 fun downloads!

1. Hair Cast 2: Brilliant Color and Beauty Today local hair day forecast, brought to you by Perfect 10. Get a customized hair styling tip based on your hair type and today’s local weather. (Free,






2. UV Safe Timer: Love the Sun Again! Avoid sunburns and worries about sun safety with the UV Safe Timer. Provides a location-specific UV Index for anywhere in the world. A useful tool for everyday! (Free, iTunes)

3. Mirror: Turn your phone into a pocket mirror.This app employs the forward facingamera as a vanity mirror to help you apply lipstick, eyeliner, rouge, or more. (.99, iTunes)

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