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We soon have to switch gears for school shopping, for some kids and parents that means summer is over, but parents what better way to bring in the school year? BOND WITH YOUR KIDS ! Without this being a stressful time for everyone, just sit back and enjoy the ride, ’cause we’ll soon be saying “where did the time go.”

Our friends over at Master Lock® has hired a new specialist on student life to help students safely and securely navigate this school year in style. The Master Mind, a suave and funny college grad, is staring in a humorous online video series on youtube, in which he, along with his clever Little Sister, are setting out to answer students’ most frequent, awkward and perplexing questions. Check out their Facebook page.

As a former school-goer and now as a parent, my best advice to both kids and parents is to ensure that communication is key!  With social media networks and high tech gadgets so privy it can leave a parent not knowing what’s going on in their kids lives.  So be active in your kids life and be in the “know” (i.e Facebook, Texting, etc).  We can be our child’s friend and parent, by them showing us respect and trust the means of communication will come so natural.

Disclaimer: This post was an entry for a Master Lock contest as a member of The Mom Blogger Club.


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  1. July 21, 2011 / 5:26 am

    Well said. It’s sad to know that most parents do not spend time together with their kids. They don’t even know what is going on in their lives. One good thing is that, it’s never too late to start. Your vB friend.

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