My Mommy Moment: Prepping For Nursery School

Cue the somber music and with Kleenex in hand, a major milestone is readily approaching our household and I am not sure if this momma is ready – NURSERY SCHOOL!

Since ‘Lil B is showing signs of independence and readiness to learn and play with kids his own age, we have been on the hunt for the perfect school for him to attend this coming September. The school schedule for his age group (18 months to 2 years old) is for two hours/two days a week, “that’s all” you ask? well, for this first time mommy, this seems like an eternity.  Luckily in this program I am able to attend the first few classes to see how he, ok ME, copes. So during a trial run, ‘Lil B and I were able to acquaint ourselves with the program, kids and of course…separation.

Here’s are a few pics of ‘Lil B’s take on school, which made me wish for my “little B Bear” to be little forever!

This is an incredible milestone – with so many more to come!

If you think your ‘Lil one is ready to conquer the world of pre-school, here’s just a few tips from my teacher friends:

  • Get your kids in bed earlier each night.
  • Sunday night is a great night for choosing the week’s outfits.
  • Read to your children and converse with your incoming kindergartners in complete sentences.
  • Celebrate the milestone! Yes, you may be sad about your “baby,” especially if your youngest or only child, like mine is starting school, but this is a happy occasion and your children will sense your anxiety.
  • Don’t forget to ask how their days was.  This is a great way to develop their language and speech skills.

Ok, so now its your turn, what was your most recent “Mommy Moment?”


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