Moms, Why Are You Stressin’?

You did what? Bad Mommy. Just Kidding.

As Moms, we worry, and sometimes by worrying we compare and comparing leaves us nowhere. Comparing our parenting skills and lil ones to another family just makes us feeling blah, and seriously for what? No one kid is alike and not every household should be run the same. Imagine? How boring would that be. Come on, lighten up and enjoy these most precious moments with your kids.

Admittingly, I am derserving of the “stressed-out-first-time-mommy” award, but by knowing I am not alone in this thing called mommyhood, makes it all the better.

1. You Are A Great Mommy.  Don’t underestimate yourself, you are doing great as a mom. Just ask your kids, they’ll tell you or if they are to young actually tell you, then they’ll show you. First time, second or third time mommies are always second guessing themselves, but just remember that every kid is different and that is what makes us all unique.

2. Your Child Will Reach That Milestone.  If you could only hear me 9 months ago, when I was wishing and hoping that my son (now 19 months) would walk and act like that the other kids his age. Here’s that comparison thing again. Now that my little tot is no longer crawling, but running makes me wish for those days when all he wanted was mommy.

3. Your Baby Will Not Fall Behind If He Misses A Day Of Pre-K.  Parents these days feel that they need to include their kids in structured activities, but its ok to stay at home and chill.  He can learn by playing at home just the same.

4. My Toddler Still Uses A Binky.  In most cases toddler use pacifiers for comfort and they will eventually stop asking for it.  In the meantime, try a substitute such as a small blanket.

5. My Son Watches Reality TV With Me.  Watching TV as a family is sometimes very good, it encourages bonding time, especially if the show is “Jeopardy” or “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” which can increase your child’s vocabulary.  However, just try keeping the TV watching to a minimum.  My Pediatrician suggested only 2 hours of TV watching a day for kids under 2 years old.   If you choose to allow some television, break it up into 15-minute increments. Much more than that, and your toddler’s brain can shift to autopilot. Once your child hits 2, limit his total viewing time to an hour a day — even that amount is a lot for an active toddler.

6. I Let My Kids Munch On Chips.  What’s important is that your kids are eating, maybe not what you desire, but some chips are fortified with all sorts of vitamins and minerals. If your kids are eating nutritious foods the rest of the day, then some chips, sweets and sugar is not a big problem.

7. Yes, You are a POSH MOM.  Being POSH is a state of mind.  Just keep in mind that you need some Mom-Me time to recharge your batteries.  Whether its going to the gym, catching up with your girl friends or spending alone time with your mate can keep your sanity.

Moms, what else do you stress about?


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