Guest Post: Children’s Choice Fashion Finds for 2011

Today’s guest post is from Melissa Davis, fashion consultant of Softie Baby Shoes, a children’s shoe site.  Melissa, a POSH mom to her beautiful baby girl and fashionista shares with us today her take on Children’s Choice Fashion Finds for 2011.

Shopping is amusing for all women. Buying stylish outfits, accessories and shoes is the most exciting thing for them. For yourself, you can choose the one that you like. However, how do you choose the selection when you’re shopping for your kids? You need to resolve all issues while selecting an item for your kids. Whether its clothes, kids shoes or accessories, you need to make enough considerations before choosing. Keeping the budget in mind, you prefer to provide them the best possible comfort. When comfort is attained, you further look for the latest trends going among kid’s wears A wide range of bright colors and ruffles have been included to kids fashion wear this fall. Modern styles and patterns are employed to update the uniforms as well.

Fashion for boys:
– You can add different flavors to your boy’s looks by integrating the dresses with suitable accessories like hoodies, ties, socks, etc.
– Graphics styles have become very trendy among the costumes of younger boys, and they are used in almost every item.
– You can go for plaid to provide perfect style to your kid as it has popularity these days.
– Layers would be a good choice for the fall season as they provide the stylish look as well as keep the kids warm.
– Fas Leather jacket of black faux, graphic tees and messy here provides the retro look to boys.

Fashion for girls:
– This fall season the trend for girls would be shimmer & shine.
– Their uniforms can be accessorized with ruffle socks, belts & shiner hair accessories.
– The sequins, trendy leggings and graphic tees would provide glamorous looks to girls.
– Colored jeans allow girls to present their style in terms of color; it would be another good option.

– Vests are the best option as outerwear this fall. Sporting vests for both girls & boys are available.
– This season faux fur-made outerwear has become very popular and well known by the name Hippie or Bohemian. Furthermore, it is named as Peacock by designer Sophie. However, it looks funny yet fashionable.
– Tiffany Talbot’s hot seller is a perfect match for boys.

Boy’s footwear:
– Boys would love to wear Loafers & classical deck shoes.
– Suede boots can make a difference.
– Tennis shoes of Chuck Taylor provide a sporty look to the kids.

Girl’s footwear:
– Leather boots from the knee up to mid-calf with black color & prints are the trends for this season.
– Fashion can be added to practicality by lively colored & printed boots.
– For girls, ballet flats are the best selection. They can fit with almost everything the girls wear.

You may have to pay an extra amount of money for fashion wears in comparison to normal wears. This is because of the extra attention that is being done by the designing manufacture. To keep your kids updated and trendy, you should not bother them about these expenses. After all, your kids are the most precious gifts to you.

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  1. September 29, 2011 / 10:00 am

    nice post. I have a two year old son and I have always found shopping for him to be a very difficult task. There are so few choices for boys but I did buy a plaid shirt for him as you’ve mentioned in your post and it looks great on him.


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