Posh Mom Of The Week: Heidi Moon

This week’s POSH MOM OF THE WEEK has been a lover of fashion and style for over 20 years. As a working mom herself, she loves helping other working moms refine their wardrobes and edit their closets in ways that are fun, easy and affordable.

Let’s welcome Heidi Moon, the Founding-Editor of her fashion blog, The Closet Coach.  Heidi provides real-world style advice to women who are balancing their frantic, fabulous lives. Heidi and I met over at FBFF, a Goggle fashion blogger group, where she provides blogging and networking tips for first time bloggers.  With Heidi’s great sense of style for working moms, tips/advice on how to look FAB while being on a budget makes this week’s feature spotlight a no-brainer:

MommyPosh: Tell me about yourself. Your Family.  

Heidi Moon: I grew up in Arizona, went to school in New Orleans (where I met my awesome husband) and lived in Miami and Norfolk, Va. before winding up in the DC area where I’ve now been since 1998. I started off in journalism, made the switch to “new media” and now work for an interactive agency as director of marketing. My husband and I have a 7-year-old daughter and she is, of course, the smartest, prettiest child in the world.

MP: You are a mom, a wife, a woman – what do you take most pride in?

HM: I consider each of these roles to be one facet of who I am as a person. At any given moment, I can be one of them–or all of them!

MP: How would you describe yourself as a mom?

HM: Sometimes strict, sometimes indulgent, always imperfect and totally over the moon for my girl child.

MP: Tell us about your blog – The Closet Coach.

HM: I’ve been interested in style and fashion since back in the day–high school, to be exact–and in various forms ever since (here’s the full version of the story). I also had a personal blog since 2000. The inspiration to combine these two interests popped into my head one day 2 years ago while I was gardening and that same weekend in March the Closet Coach was born.

MP: Who and what are your style inspirations?

HM: I don’t have a single source of inspiration. Instead, I get ideas all the time from various places: magazines, other style bloggers, Pinterest, women on the street–and sometimes, just playing around in my closet!

MP: What must have product can’t you live without?

HM: My iPhone! I can take photos, buy shoes at Zappos, shop at Bluefly, update my Tumblr, check Twitter and Facebook, and write WordPress posts, all while on the go.

MP: What stores can you always find bargains at?

HM: I rarely walk away empty-handed from Ann Taylor LOFT or Filene’s Basement.

MP: What’s your life motto?

HM: Everything in moderation, even moderation.

MP: Fill in the blank: I am obsessed with ___

HM: Shoes!

MP: Fill in the blank: My signature look is _____

HM: Hmm, based on what I wear the most, I’d have to say denim + something black + a belt + a scarf. (Here’s an example: http://bitly.com/level-2-outfit).

For more on Heidi, follow her Twitter, LIKE her Facebook Fan Page and follow her online pin board on Pinterest.


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  1. November 17, 2011 / 12:49 pm

    Thanks so much for featuring me! It was fun. I just hope I didn’t doom the now-in-bankruptcy Filene’s by mentioning it as a favorite place to shop 😉

  2. Kathi
    November 19, 2011 / 6:40 pm

    Great choice! IRL witness to Heidi’s impeccable style here. When we worked together at a dot-com a decade ago, Heidi always had a cute hat, a scarf, or some other eye-catching accessory (whether or not clients were visiting). Heidi, now it’s time to start a home-style blog–I’m not kidding!

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