{Guest Post} Advantages Of Being A Stay At Home Mom

Happy Monday! Please welcome Grace Palmer, a mom who works from home and is the author of RomanticFrugalMom.com, about a womans quest to keep romance alive no matter what the odds.

Grace is sharing with us today tips and advice on how become an effective stay at home mom.

Why Being a Stay at Home Mom Is The New Going-Out In 2012.

Have you heard about the increasing number of moms that have found a way to perfectly balance family and work by staying at home instead of heading to the office every day? If you haven’t heard about this growing trend, than it is high time to learn the secrets and rewards of being a successful stay-at-home mom while at the same time earning a living. With the advent of the digital age, all kinds of jobs can be accomplished from any location with an internet connection. What better way to combine motherhood and work? This growing trend of working from home while the children are young might just be answer to the dilemma of how to manage work and family in a two-income home. Single moms find it the ideal way to support their family, and even grandmothers tasked with caring for their grandchildren have discovered this advantageous arrangement.

Research is often the key to successfully finding employment opportunities that let you work from home. Use the abundant research resources on the internet to help you avoid discouraging scams while learning the secrets of finding legitimate work-from-home options. Make an inventory of your skills, write a great resume and find the perfect home business. There is everything available from writing articles to submitting online accounts, networking with people through social media right through to opportunities to simply strike out on your own with an ecommerce store. There is nothing more satisfying than being a success at both earning income from home and meeting your children’s needs! There are whole communities of work-from-home moms on the internet. They can offer invaluable insight into reliable work opportunities, time management skills and even provide a welcome source of social interaction, something that traditional stay-at-home moms lacked. There are numerous small businesses that are local in nature rather than being internet based that can also be managed from home.

Of course, the major benefit is always being available for your children. The early years are the most important in a child’s life and who better than mom to be with them? The rewards for both mother and children are simply innumerable! You are there to experience every step in their rapid development, and you will never have the hassles and fears that outside-the-home childcare frequently brings. You are right there to guide and educate your children during these most important early years.

Staying at home is a great way to reap the economic rewards of not having to pay for transportation to work, childcare and an expensive wardrobe of work clothes. Your income from your stay at home job may not match what you are used to, but after factoring in your savings, you will be surprised at the benefits of staying at home. With the skyrocketing cost of gasoline, hundreds of dollars each month can be saved by working from home and that leaves a little more in the purse should you want to treat yourself to the odd glamour purchase. I mean you still have to look good whilst working at home after all even if its just for your daily afternoon breaks at the mall!

One of the more difficult parts of being a stay-at-home working mom is managing your time. Again, online communities of women who are successfully juggling children and work are an invaluable source of hints and tips for this most challenging aspect of staying home and working. It may take a month or so to perfect your schedule, but the wonderful thing is that it is your schedule- there is no one else imposing a schedule on you! Gone are the days of being tied to a desk away from home. The freedom to manage your own time is simply exhilarating.

Soon, you’ll be bragging about being a trend-setting modern mother who has mastered the art of working from home!

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