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Workin' It Out!

It took me years to realize how important it was to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not until was I trying to get pregnant, did I realize that what I ate was not only important to my inner and outer beauty, but to my reproductive system.  From prenatal vitamins (which I still take, two years later), not sweating the small stuff and maintaining a well balance diet are just a few ways in being a true Mommy Posh.

Now being a stay at home mom, my day is a huge balancing act, between my child, husband, home and being a Momprenuer, can sometimes make this Mom scream,  but if it wasn’t for me giving myself some mom”me” time, I would end up resenting my hubby and maybe even myself…by relaxing, relating and releasing I am able to perform like a well oiled machine. So make sure to give yourself little rewards throughout the day, it’ll make you a better mom and wife.

Usually, the night before, I prepare breakfast or on-the-go snacks that can get me pumped throughout the day, with sliced fresh fruit, granola bars or Instant Quaker Oats and bottle of water, my morning is stress-free while getting my son ready for school. By eating a well balance “quick” and healthy meal, I am ready to begin my day…from managing my home, arranging playdates, blogging, taking a dance class and/or catching up with my mommy friends, without suffering from a sugar crash. Remember moms, it does not take a lot of effort to lead a healthy lifestyle and there really is no excuse that you can have that should allow you to do otherwise.

What do you do to jump start your day? 

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Why Instant Quaker Oats? Enjoy the benefit of a warm, filling bowl of oatmeal can keep you going all morning long, that’s why!  

Energy.  Fiber.  Heart Health. 

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