10 Things Ever Posh Mom Should Know

Posted on May 9 2012 - 9:59am by Mommy Posh

Me & Lil B

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite parenting tips  – right from my own experiences, from around the web and from my mommy friends.  Here’s ten things every POSH mom should know:

1. The safest way to install a car seat.

2. What to do with your Kids’s artwork.

3. How to be a happy mom, 24-7.

4. How to become the swaddle expert.

5. Never compare yourself to those moms who “do it all.”

6. How to raise a happy baby.

7.  How to become a POSH mom.

8. Ask HIM for help!

9. When taking your kid’s pictures, DON’T say cheese, SAY “PIZZA”!…what kid doesn’t love pizza.

10. How to never pay full price – AGAIN!

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