Time Magazine Cover Mom Speaks Out!

Wheter you agree to disagree on the recent Time magazine cover, it surely brings up the most controversal topic ever – to breastfeed or not to breastfeed.

I know moms who have chosen not to breastfeed their newborns (some for vanity reasons and other for health reasons), nonetheless, whatever choice you make, its YOUR choice.

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So this morning, Time magazine’s cover mom went on the Today show to share her views on attachment parenting and explain the story behind the cover photo. She was joined by her 3-year-old son, Aram, Dr. Sears, and Time’s science editor, Jeffrey Kluger.

“Attachment parenting” involves prolonged physical bonding with a child through extended breastfeeding, carrying and sleeping with the baby as well as responding to the infant’s cries.

The phrase was coined by Dr Bill Sears, a 72-year-old paediatrician who wrote The Baby Book.

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“I understand some of the breastfeeding advocates are upset about this,” 26-year-old Jamie Grumet said. “[The cover image] doesn’t show the nurturing side to attachment parenting . . . I understand what they’re saying, but I do understand why Time chose this picture. It’s created a real media craze to get the dialogue going.”

“You need to do what’s best for your baby and for your own family,” Grumet continued. “You can take some of Dr. Sears’s attachment parenting philosophies and maybe not others, and that’s OK; you’re not a bad parent. Your child will still be OK.”

Does seeing the young mother speak about her reasons for practicing attachment parenting change your opinion of the magazine cover?

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