The Joy of Potty Training

How to potty train your child

Every parent has to go through certain things in raising their child and potty training is one thing most parents fear.  The different theories behind how to train your child, advice from friends and family, and the stories from people whose child woke up on day and decided they would potty train themselves.  This can be a very stressful time with your child.  The constant asking them if they have to go potty, accidents, self doubt that you are doing something wrong, and just over all frustration.  Don’t worry because you are not the first parent to have issues potty training and you won’t be the last.

For every method you decide is the best on out there you will find another article explaining why it is a horrible choice.  The naked baby option, the no diaper just underwear option, they every 30 minute potty break, potty train with a friend, the potty in front of the television, and the list goes on.  I have found this is a trial and error process and maybe none or a combination of these is what you need.  I tried the underwear method the first day and that just created a lot of hand washing messes for me.  The naked baby method works well, but he will go sit down on his own and not let me know when he has to go so when I switch back to underwear he would sit down with them on.  So I am sing a combination of the two and trying to stay on top of him about potty time.

Overall we are making progress. Not as quickly as I would like, but we are getting to the diaper free zone which is a big milestone.  What I can tell you from this process is be patient, don’t judge your child based on what others are doing, if the process isn’t going well take  a break and try again and  a few weeks, and remember that every kid will eventually get the hang of the potty.  I don’t think I remember anyone in high school getting their diaper changed between classes.

I will put together a post on the gear I found most effective and least effective in the potty wars.


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