Choosing That Perfect Bordeaux

One thing I really miss when I am pregnant is that delicious glass of wine I used to enjoy at the end of the day when the kid was asleep and I was ready to relax with my husband.  In a few short weeks I will once again be able to hear the sound of wine being poured into my glass.  The question is which wine should I choose as my first post baby wine?  Well the Bordeaux Wine Council has just released the Today’s Bordeaux selection webpage.  If you are curious as to what constitutes a Bordeaux here is your answer: these wines come out of the Bordeaux wine region which is located in the southwest of France near the Atlantic coast.  This page lets you quickly choose from 100 wines that will fit your situation perfectly.  Have a house warming party, a family dinner, a nite hanging with friend?  Well Today’s Bordeaux gives you selections that range in price from $9-$35 and includes red, white, rose, and sweet wines that will appeal to any taste.

Now I have to go on a mission and pick out the one that appeals to a soon two be mother of two that will need a little something to celebrate and relax all at the same time.  I don’t think I will have a problem finding a bottle or two that is just right!

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