Different Levels of Perofmance by VW

With the holidays taking up so much of our time these days it is sometimes easy to overlook what the holidays truly mean.  Before we can even sit down to enjoy a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving we are planning trips to midnight sales so we can get a deal on a $12 sweater of a $90 iPod.  Volkswagen has a very interesting collection of owner stories and videos showing how their lives can relate to the core principles of the VW brand – performance, design, quality, environment, and safety. One video that really struck me was a performance themes video featuring Andy.  He is a triathlete and in great shape. He could go out every day and train for a new personal best or to beat a bunch of other athletes, but he uses his ability to help another . He heads out in his GTI to help to train a blind athlete by biking with her and guiding her on her runs.  He can’t just decide one day to stop doing that because not only would he let himself down he would let down a person that truly depends on him to do something she loves and couldn’t do without him.

This is the time of year people need to think about what they can do to help others accomplish their goals.  What is your performance story?  How are you putting others before yourself?  Head on over to http://why.vw.com/values and share you story…be an inspiration for others, because with all the bad that we see every day we could use some good now and again.



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