Guest Post: DIY Gifts for Fashionistas

When it comes to creating a perfect gift for the fashionista in your life, DIYing them adds a unique and creative touch to the act of gifting. Nothings makes someone feel special than knowing that you took time and effort into creating a special present for them. But are you lost for ideas? Do not fret, the following are some of the best DIY projects you can make for the fashionistas in your lives.

Feather Accessories

Custom Made Feather Earrings Very Beautiful

Feathers are a wonderful addition to any fashionista’s jewelry, and feather flowers are beautiful and easy to create. All you need is a bobby pin with a glue pad, exotic feathers (pheasant or peacock are great choices), 2 penny-sized circles of suede or felt in a color of your choice, and a sturdy, clear drying glue. Simply place glue on the felt or suede piece and place the colorful feathers in a circular design until you have a full circle. Then glue in place the second suede or felt circle and allow to dry. Place the feather flower on the bobby pin’s glue pad and voila- feather flower that is bohemian chic. These feather flowers are also great as brooches- simple replace the bobby pin with a plain brooch backing for an accessory to wear with clothing.


Hats are also fun to make, using scrap pieces of yarn that you have lying around for a chic and fun appeal. Simply tie together all pieces of yarn you have, varying the colors and textures, and allow an inch of the tied ends to be exposed. As you knit the hats, the pieces of yarn tied together will stick out, creating a look of homemade whimsy, and the blend of textures and colors will create a fashion statement.


Shierly's Buri

Handbags made with recycled bags create a green fashion statement that any fashionista will love. Simply shred into one inch thick pieces a variety of plastic bags, including bread bags, grocery bags, and even garbage bags, and tie them in a long strand to create a sturdy and adorable handbag knitted by hand. This unique bag is attractive and earth-friendly as well for anyone with an earth-conscious side.


Dyed shirts can be a creative gift for any fashion-loving diva as well, and the process doesn’t have to be hard. Simply take any material that is 100% cotton in any color that you choose (be sure it isn’t pre-washed or pre-shrunk) and tie it around any plain white t-shirt in the washer. Wash in a small extra hot cycle, and the colors will bleed together to create a beautiful shirt that is one-of-a-kind and incredibly easy to design.


Headbands can be easily decorated to create a chic look that any fashionista will love. Beads and feathers create a whimsical style on any headband, and when glued to a one inch thick strip of suede or felt, are easy to make as well. Simply place clear drying glue on a strip of suede or felt, adhere feathers and beads to the strip in a design of your choosing, and allow the piece to dry. When dry, glue to one end of the headband for a head-turning look that is stunning without being overpowering.

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