Diaper Bag Essentials 101


Packing all your essentials for an entire day into your diaper bag can be a daunting task…diapers? wipes? do I have a stylish bag?

Below is your basic diaper-bag checklist and the stylish diapers bags that you just have to have right now: 

Diaper Bag Checklist: 

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes and hand wipes
  • Diaper ointments
  • Extra clothes
  • Bottles and training cups (a.k.a., sippy cups)
  • Formula, milk and water
  • Food
  • Food dishes and utensils
  • Pacifiers and teethers
  • Medicine cabinet (sunscreen, bulb syringe, mini first-aid kit)
  • Toys
  • Blanket
  • Changing pad

Diaper bag tips to remember:

  • Get a quality diaper bag. And get one that’s bigger than you think you need, with multiple compartments — the extra room will come in handy.
  • To save time, get a second diaper bag and keep it packed with diapering accessories and ready to go for shorter outings.
  • Bring a plastic bag for disposing of waste.
  • For longer trips, make a list of everything needed on a per-day basis, and then pack accordingly. Double-check when you’re done.
  • Keep leaks at bay by packing liquids, medicines and snacks in separate re-sealable plastic bags.
  • Always have emergency contact info on hand —— health insurance cards, phone numbers for family, friends and doctors.


  1. Timi & Leslie, $160
  2. DadGear Messenger, $78
  3. Skip Hop Duo Deluxe, $45
  4. Coach Designer Messenger Bag, $310
  5. Stella & Dot, $89
  6. JJ Cole Collections, $50

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