Finding the Perfect Bordeaux White Wine

One thing I really missed when I was pregnant with my sons was a nice relaxing glass of wine after a long day.  Now that I am feeding my new little guy I still am careful when it comes to wine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a glass now and again.  My problem with wine is I get stuck in a routine of getting the same one every time because I just don’t know what to buy.  If I am enjoying  a night out with some friends and my husband is on baby duty I like to bring  a bottle of wine as a gift.  Luckily the Bordeaux Wine Council is trying to help people like me select the right bottle for the right occasion.  They have put together a fun video and some graphics that will get you in the spirit to enjoy a bottle of the finest that the Bordeaux region of France has to offer.  What makes it even more appealing is they suggest bottles that range from $9 – $35 – great for any mom’s cost saving budget.  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for some great tips and advice.

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