How To Survive The Movies With Your Toddler


With the release of Monsters University and Descipable Me 2 in theaters, my toddler keeps asking me to take him to the movies but, with a 5 month old, how can I possibly handle the two?  Do I get a sitter for the newborn?  Or do I wait for the DVD version?

Well, with these six simple tips  – passed down to me from other moms and from the web –  you won’t have to deprive your toddler from going to the movies even with a newborn in tow:

1. Plan ahead.  Read reviews, watch the rating and get advice from friends and family prior going to the movie. Also have the toddler take his bathroom break before the movie starts.  Get suitable treats for your toddler so that his/her experience is an enjoyable one.

2. Nap before.  For your toddler that is…if he/she is cranky, the movie experience will be a dreaded one and you’ll be leaving way before the movie starts.  For your newborn though, it might be best if you wait it out before their nap and hopefully your baby will sleep right through the movie.  A win win for all.

3. Wear a carrier.  A mom told me that she suggests wearing a baby carrier for your little one – not only are you able to help your toddler with refreshments, but sine your baby is close to your chest this may encouraging them to rest peacefully through the movie.

4. Bring small cups or bowls for popcorn.  This will make snacking more manageable for your toddler – especially when/if your hands are full with your baby. You should also make sure your snacks are easily recognizable in the dark, which only helps minimize the fumbles and frustrations.

5. Timing.  Wait at least 2 weeks prior to the opening of the movie.  It might be too chaotic for a little baby.

6. Be prepared to leave – early. Not all movie trips will be a success, but it’s certainly not something to avoid altogether.


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  1. June 25, 2013 / 2:34 pm

    I’ve been lucky in that my kids enjoy the movies. Just give them some snacks and drink and they do pretty well. We avoid popular showtime hours so that we don’t have to put up with the large crowds.

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