A Moms #SparkingTruth Exposed

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glaceau fruitwater®.

OK, Moms this is the moment that you need to fess up.  Come on I know you want to let it out…and share some of your favorite sparkling truths about yourself! Sparkling truths happen when life happens. They’re those moments when you sparkle through unexpected challenges, brushing your shoulders off in bubbly style.

…Like the time Lil B told me that he had to use the potty while in the midst of traffic and already late for school.  So I what I had to do…pulled over and made him become one with nature.  Don’t judge.

…Or the time that I took my boys (both under the age of 3) to a fancy restaurant and not only did they disliked the food by yelling “yucky” and “gross” but they started a food fight.

…And what about the time I had to scold my oldest son son for applying makeup on his brother claiming that he wanted him to look like a clown.  ty

..And the one time I was breasfeeding my son at the park and the cover up was blown away by the wind.

of course the list can go on and on…Now that you’ve read about my “sparkling truth”, it’s time to share yours!  How do you sparkle on when life throws you a curve ball? Leave a comment on this post or jump in the conversation on social media with the hashtag, #sparklingtruth.



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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Glaceau fruitwater®.

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