Baby Proof your phone with LifeProof

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When I had my first son I learned quickly that nothing around the house was safe from his reach hands.  If his hand could grab hold of something it would end up in his mouth, in his food, in his toy box, thrown, dropped, or dunked.  For most things this wasn’t a big deal, but for television remotes, jewelry, and my iPhone this was something I tried to avoid.  My iPhone didn’t respond well to being abused and it showed.  After a little over two years of abuse by my son my phone was cracked, the home button didn’t function, the power button was useless, the screen would go blank, and voice controls just came on whenever they wanted.

For my new iPhone 5 I played things a bit different and picked up a LifeProof case which does more than make my phone prettier.  The LifeProof case protect my phone from my 3 year old and my six month old boys.  Baby slobber can’t damage my home button, my three year old can’t run over the phone with his monster trucks, and I can break the screen by sitting on my phone after forgetting I left it on my seat while changing a diaper.  The case doesn’t alter my speaker phone, doesn’t create a big bulky phone that is uncomfortable to use, and can easily survive a dip in the toilet or bathtub.   For your chance to a LifeProof and Best Buy prize back upload a video to Instagram showing how Lifeproof your case it –

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