Guest Post: Fighting Obesity and Diabetes: Start Them Young


We live in a convenient world. It is easy to settle on a “value” meal at a fast food restaurant simply because we are too tired to cook or we want to give the children a reward. Our country is plumping up compared to the rest of the world because of our ability to make any food look and taste good, although it is slowly killing us. If you don’t want your child to suffer from physical complications later in life, you need to be responsible and put your foot down now. How can you reduce the odds of your child suffering from diabetes or heart disease later in life?

1. Home Cooking – Virtually anyone can cook a delicious and healthy meal from home. As long as recipes are followed to the letter and you adjust for altitudes when you’re baking, anyone can become a chef. Not only can cooking more at home influence healthier eating habits, but it can be cheaper as well. There are many dishes you can prepare that can improve the health of your family, and the Internet is chocked full of healthy recipes of all kinds.

2. Portion Sizes – Portion sizes for meals is a common problem. Your plate doesn’t need to be covered to the point of the plate vanishing under fried foods. Although it can be a hard habit to break, you need to focus on reducing the amounts of food your family consumes. If they are feeling hungry an hour after eating, encourage snacks that consist of fruits or string cheese.

3. Even Meals – Many people have weight problems simply from not eating all day and then being near gluttonous at dinner time. This can start at a very young age and you need to monitor how your children are eating throughout the day. While this may be difficult to do while he or she is at school, it’s an important aspect of healthier dieting that you need to figure out how to adjust.

4. Snacks – Although many of us enjoy a chocolate bar periodically, a bag of chocolate in the cupboard promotes an unhealthy way of snacking. An overabundance of sugar can lead to severe complications after prolonged exposure including diabetes and other heart conditions. Instead of chocolate, fruits can work just as well in order to curb a craving for something sweet.

5. Activity – Another aspect of child obesity is the lack of physical movement. Game consoles and other computer systems can be a great diversion to unwind, but they can become a problem if the child is doing nothing but sitting most of the day. More physical activity is needed in order to burn excess calories. Although the Wii and Xbox can provide a more physical approach to gaming, sometimes getting outside and running around with other children is far superior.

Your child shouldn’t look like a miniature sumo wrestler. If he or she fits in cloths intended for adults, there may be a problem with his or her diet. By allowing them to continue this behavior, you are promoting a future of possible hospital visitations and diabetic medication. You are the parent and you need to set an example and protect your children from the damage they could bring on themselves. You need to protect your child from obesity and diabetes as you would any life threatening situation.


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