Trendy Tuesday: Drop Earrings

Posted on Aug 13 2013 - 8:00am by Mommy Posh

It’s no secret how accessorizing is essential for any outfit. Drop earrings are an easy and effective way to spice up any ensemble. Whether dressing up a plain tee and jeans, or pairing your earrings with a glamorous dress, these sparklers are sure to get you noticed.  The best part? Our picks are under $100!

drop earrings
1. Seychelles Chandelier ($44)
2. Lily Chandeliers ($39)
3. Allegra Earrings ($44)
4. Chantilly Lace Chandelier Earrings ($49)
5. Cleo Fringe Statement Earrings ($24.50)
6. Kimberly Drop Earrings ($29)
7. Medina Chandeliers ($39)
8. Liz Drop Earrings ($59)
9. Pippa Stone Earrings ($49)

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