Turkey In Disguise Project Ideas + Template

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 9:00am by Mommy Posh

Over the weekend, my Kindergartner and I were both working on his take home project and had a blast doing so!

If you are looking for something creative to do this Thanksgiving then this is the project that the whole family can fall in love with!


Turkey In Disguise….Save your turkey from being eaten.  Here are some great reads for your family to get you in the Turkey In Disguise mood!

Also be sure to awesome DIY Turkey in Disguise found on the web as well as a printable just for you!

Because of B’s love for Dinosaurs he decided on “Dino-Turkey”.  “B” picked out the construction paper and chose to disguise the turkey into a T-Rex.  We got a little involved by adding a 3D effect, with the use of stickers, googly eyes, glue and leaves this turkey was ready to hide!  So whatever you can come up with just makes it all the better and unique!

Here’s the template below to get you all started!

turkey template

Looking for other ideas?? here are some cool ones found on Pinterest!

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