Why We Love Motherhood (And You Should, Too!)

Posted on Sep 7 2016 - 7:30am by Mommy Posh


Look I get it…motherhood is not a bed of roses each and everyday, its full of its up and downs..from late night feedings, ensuring your child is being the best he/she can be, stressing about the type of friends your child will interact with, bullying, you name it. Trust me motherhood is tough, not because you are doing it wrong, because its tough for every mom.  All the wisdom and courage you need to be the best mother ever is inside you, inside your self doubt, inside your mind…Ok so right now let’s vow to be that mother you can be without the self doubt and intimidation, trust me, you are not alone.  So today I am going to share with you 5 reasons why I love motherhood and why you should, too..trust me you’ll feel great knowing it….


  1. Build Your Network:  Being a mom is all about networking.  While you are chatting away with moms during school drop off did you know that you are actually building your network.  Psstt, you do know that these moms do have other passions, right? So take the initiative to meet a new mom today.  You never know what next business venture you two (or three) might create together.
  2. Utilize Your Skills: Did you know that your kids school is looking for you?  Looking for that person to create their website or give a forum on healthy nutrition.  Schools are always looking for volunteers to help them, so reach out to your PTA and help them with their next event or a program – they need you!
  3. Learning Important Lessons: As a mom you learn not to stress the small stuff…things are not that serious as you once thought they were once before being a mom.  You learn to take things one day at a time, cause trust me your kids are growing fast and life itself is too short.
  4. You are unreplaceable!  No one can take the place of a mother.  There aren’t many jobs on this planet that someone else can’t do. And you can mess up in many ways, but you will always be the parent of your children. You can’t change that. They can’t change that. And that’s why they love you!
  5. Knowing That You Are Loved, Unconditionally. See rule #4!
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