The App For Your Pre and Postnatal Workout Regime

When you’re prepping for your new baby to arrive, I am sure that last thing on your mind. But exercising while pregnant has big benefits for both you and your baby. Even a simple walk around the block or a session of stretching can lead to an improved mood, better sleep, an easier labor and a quicker recovery. So if you need some motivation to lace up those dusty sneakers, here it is.


#TBT2013 – Me with baby #2 


My favorite workout app, Aaptiv launched a stroller workout and first trimester workouts (second and third trimesters to follow!). Each week they will include both strength and cardio exercises specifically designed to prepare a woman’s body for birth. So not only do they have your back for 9 months, but they are right there with you to get you back on track after a baby. Whether you’re a marathoner or novice runner, getting back into shape with a stroller is a new experience for any mom.




The maternity workouts are available on Aaptiv’s platform now—you can sign up right here!


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