How To Organize A Fun & Stress Free Baby Shower

A baby shower that is considered as a gift for the expectant parents is also an exciting event to welcome a born baby. Generally, a friend of the mother will host this baby shower. Here are some affordable trendy baby showers:

This is a desirable party, but planning the baby shower is a challenging problem that you don’t likely get used to thinking of. We will help you reduce your burden, by sharing several following tips with you. Let’s see!

How to Organize a Baby Shower.

#1 – Select a Right Time
Throughout two last months of the pregnancy, people often hold a baby shower, which is the tradition. However, a couple of parents have intended to organize the baby shower when they have really welcomed their baby.

The right thing to do is to recognize their wishes before planning. Traditionally, the baby shower is to spend for the first baby. But, the baby shower can also spend for the next newborn if the age of the first baby and the second one is large unless their sex is different.

Apart from the afternoons in the weekend, you can also choose to organize in the evening hours. A baby shower in evening is ideal if you plan to organize for your co-worker.

#2 – An Organized Venue
The common venue to organize a baby shower is the home of the host. Nevertheless, a Suzy-Homemaker is also a non-bad alternate venue if your house is not large enough.

Are you planning to organize a baby shower in summer? Well, a good suggestion for you is a botanical garden or park. Remember that selecting the venue must be based on the number of the participation.

#3 – List the Guest
It is difficult to know those who should be invited. Why don’t ask the expectant parents? They will help you list the forgotten guests.

Though women are the traditional guests of the baby shower, the state-of-the-art parents don’t often distinguish the sex when choosing to invite the guest. Even, children are also very welcomed.

Plan a fun and stress free baby shower Click To TweetYou also don’t forget to prepare the words to thank a guest after the party.

#4 – Define a Theme


All baby showers have the similar theme, right? It’s not true. You should know that a defined theme will help you choose the decorations, refreshments, and invitations, songs.

To make sure all things, you ought to consult the opinion of the mom-to-be. You can ask her desired theme, the guides, or the sex of the child in the womb in order to give a right decision.

Some parents want to wait for the born date so to know the accurate sex of the baby. Like that, you can pick up the gender theme for the baby shower. Instead of decorating pink or blue, it recommends that you should prioritize green and yellow.

If desired, you can add the gender neutral in the invitation. In that way, the guest will know what they should gift.

#5 – Design the Invitation


You ought to send the invitations for 3 weeks ago. Essentially, the postcards are a variety of the styles and sizes that you can easily find at the retailers. It would be best to the invitations, which are suitable for the designed theme.

Coming with the unique invitation, you also need to have the necessary information printed on the invitation, in particular, the name of the parents-to-be, the time, venue, the requested gift, and the contact information.

#6 – Play Some Games


Most time of the baby shower will be to pay a compliment to the parents-to-be, enjoy the dishes, and open the gifts. But, if they have some games, the baby shower party will become more interesting. Here are some suggestions for you.

A four-letter word – Let’s prepare 4 diaper pins for each of the guests. Attach all four diaper pins to the blouse or collar theirs. Don’t say the “baby” word unless they will lose the pins. The winner is who is still the most pins.

Dirty diapers – Similarly, need to prepare a drizzle of diapers, little candies, pens, and paper. Can pour the ink on the diaper, place the candy on it,…and then give a piece of paper for each guest so that they guess.

#7 – Prepare the Drinks
Do you want to serve the trays of cake or the punch of vegetable? Initially, it is necessary to determine what you will prepare to serve. The food along with the theme is also okay unless the foods can prepare at the room temperature.

You have the opportunity to organize a baby shower for your relative or friends, this is actually a great one. Consequently, let’s prepare all things that are really careful.
Don’t be as difficult as you thought! Based on 7 basics that we shared above, it believes that you will likely host a desired baby shower. Good happy!!!

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