Each year on the first day of school I take an individual photo of lil B holding up a sign that says “My First Day in…..”.

Check out a few examples below and be sure to check out the FREE printables!


I made a few signs over the year – first started with a chalkboard style with simple props already at home but, then this year I decided to get a little bit more creative with the help of social media and my friends over at Creative Union Design. View Post


Keeping my kids away from the tablet and from TV watching is no easy tasks, but when I promised I would share with them an easy and adorable craft they jumped at the chance.

diy bugs

You can’t have summer without bugs, right? Bugs come in different colors and shapes which makes them so unique and special to the nature.  So make your bug buddies of your own to display. I promise they don’t bite! Here is what you will need!


PicMonkey Collage

Pipe Stems – 100 Pieces
Pony Beads
Wiggly Eyes
Tacky Glue – 4 Ounces

You may already have most of these supplies, but if not I was able to find all of these supplies at my favorite online shop.


1. Start by having your child choose two of the same color pipe stems.  One for the bug body and the other for the wing.

2. Fold only one pipe stem in half and knot at the end.

3. Add your pony beads to the pipe stems and leave a little space on top.


4. The body of the bug is now complete.

5. Start a conversation. This is a great point in the activity to ask questions such as “Where do you think bugs come from?” or even “Do you things all bugs have wings?” Allow them to answer and ask their own questions too.

6. To get the wings ready, take your first pipe stem and make a bow. Twist the pipe stem once in the center for it to keep it’s wings shape.

7. Finish your bug by adding a head and eyes.  Begin to glue a pom pom onto the top of the wing with the tacky glue. 

8. Add the googly eyes on top of the pom.


9. Let dry.

That’s it! This craft for kids is a great way to not only create a sweet summer time decoration, but to talk to your child about nature and its many creatures. It is perfect for little hands and is an educational activity for the whole family.

My kids have been in heaven with these little insects! I really hope you enjoy them as much as we have!