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Father’s Day just passed and I think sometimes dad can be overlooked.  Johnson and Johnson is putting together an effort to show the importance of love in a child’s life.  Their film, “Distinctly Dad” is their first effort in show the impact of dad on the development of a child.  In the film we are introduced to three dads who are positively impacting their children’s lives.  We don’t only see how different dads interact with their children we see them come to the realization of how their life changes, how critical they are to their children, and how irreplaceable they are.


Take time to watch the movie and see if you can appreciate how Johnson & Johnson’s #howloveworks effort – a journey to discover how love has such a powerful impact on those we care about most. We’ll explore evidence and anecdote, science and story. And together, find out how love works.




You have heard all of the excuses when flowers don’t show up on a special occasion or just because you had a bad day.  Well The Bouqs knows how to get your significant other on the same page all the time with their innovative floral delivery service.   They offer a straightforward pricing system that doesn’t lead to paying $100 for a dozen roses – in fact they charge just $40! They offer a reminder service to have flowers arrive on time every time without worry, they keep you out of the dog house by never forgetting an anniversary or birthday, they make you look like a hero!  You want flowers delivered every month? No problem!  You want to schedule a Valentine’s Day delivery today for February? No Problem!  Flowers are cut when you order, shipped fresh, and delivered to your door.  Now I have sent this to my husband since he apparently suffers from severe baby brain and now he has no excuse when football season starts.



I  am grateful to have such a great man in my life, so from here on end I vow to tell all the men in my life that are father’s how grateful I am to have them in my life.

Happy Father’s Day!



I didn’t think that I could tolerate a guy that took pride in his looks, but I ended up marrying one. When I first started dating my hubby, a typical weekend for us was getting couple facials, massages and manicures, not only was it a bonding experience but, boy oh boy did I love the way he smelled after a day at the spa.

But now with two kids, who has time to relax let alone spend two hours at the spa…so thanks to the folks over at Mënaji Skincare my man can have the spa experience right at home.

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