Being a mom is difficult – there are kids and a husband to take care of and a household to run as well. Most of the time, moms also have a career to attend to, which means their schedule is even more loaded.
However, just because parenthood makes moms barely have time for anything else does not mean that they should just forget about themselves. For some, being able to squeeze in even just a few minutes every day without the kids already makes a huge difference.

Everyone’s form of relaxation and preparation depends from person to person. For some, it’s exercise. For others, it’s meditation. Some moms prefer to get themselves ready with makeup!

mom makeup tips

Seeing how long some people take to put on their makeup you might wonder how a busy mom might even able to do that in such a limited amount of time. Well, we have got some tips to make sure that you not only get long lasting but also ensure that your skin is moisturized, protected and covered at the same time. View Post



Becoming a single parent can turn your world upside down, but getting back into the dating game can work wonders for your confidence, recovery and new lease of life. The dating scene might have changed a lot since you last dipped a toe in, but moving past your difficulties can be the key to winning back the wholesome happiness you once had. So without further ado…

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Just a few weeks ago selected bloggers were invited to meet some exciting new and established brands up close and personal. If you are a Mom or a gal about town all of these brands will apply to you.

The event was presented by Single Edition Media with special guest brands; Elizabeth Arden, Glo, BluePrint Cleanse, Foot Petals, Nanette Lepore, and Completely Bare. Bloggers from all areas including beauty, fashion and lifestyle were on board to experience the new Delta T4Terminal pop up while taking a moment to experience these new products.


Guest were able to speak with travel friendly brands up close and personal like Glo teeth whitening, Foot Petals, Elizabeth Arden, who introduced the Ceramide capsules for the skin. During my conversation with reps from the brand I learned that these little capsules can keep your skin smooth and hydrated during a flight. Since they are capsules it’s the perfect carry- on beauty item. I was pretty excited to chose one of the lip gloss samples offered that night as well. I chose Rose Gold which actually smells a tad bit like chocolate.

Check out my Elizabeth Arden make over at the event. Thanks to Single Minded Media, Delta, Elizabeth Arden and of course to Gina for the opportunity to attend this fun filled event.



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