Since my son began nursery school, I have been collecting his first scribble, holiday projects and other collection of work that I just can’t seem to part with, but what is a mom to do with all of these memories without it becoming clutter??? So in speaking with my mom friends they’ve encouraged me to display my son’s the art for the world to see, with no unorganized mess. So, here are just a few creative ways to show off your kids masterpieces:

1. Coffee Table BookShutterfly or Kodak Gallery photo books are a great, inexpensive way to showcase your kiddie’s works. It only takes a few simple steps, to organize, edit and arrange and then with just a few clicks, it’s on its way.

2.  Turn Art into Jewelry – Send your favorite piece of your kids’ art to an Etsy seller, and they’ll create a beautiful clay pendant from it which you can put on a necklace and proudly wear around town.

3. Make a Collage – Instead of storing those cute cards in a draw, why not showcase them?! We love this idea from Martha Stewart to create a handmade picture rail to display your kids art. All you need is some fiberboard, fabric, glue gun, nails and a hammer and you’re good to go.


4. Frame children’s artwork – Take out children’s artwork and old family photos, frame and hang them.

5. Scrap It – If the original does not fit then scan or photocopy your child’s art. Instead of hand-journaling, type and print your story. Black letters will pop against a colorful background and each line can be cut to fit your layout.

How do you show off your kid’s artwork? I want to see your creative ways to exhibit their artwork so be sure to leave a comment and upload photos!


It is said that the present is pregnant with the future. ~Voltaire

Have you recently caught your toddler escaping from his or her crib? Then it may be time to consider making a few changes to your child’s room! Leaving the nursery and moving into a big kid room can be a daunting task for any parent, but with a few simple steps you can make it an easy and memorable transition! Try the following tips and see if they help you create an age appropriate room.

1. Get rid of furniture that you no longer need. This might seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at how many “baby” items are often found still lingering around the room. For example, if your child is a big kid and potty training, why do you still have the changing table? It’s time for that to go! It’s taking up valuable space that you could be using for other things.

2. Cribs don’t belong in a big kid room. I know, I know. It’s hard to let go of your son/daughter’s baby bed, but time marches forward. If you have a little one who is already climbing out of the crib, then it’s definitely time to get a real bed. Some parents prefer a toddler bed, while others go for a single. Keep the amount of space you have available in mind when choosing what works best for you and how long you plan to have them use the bed. Is it meant to last for a few years or all the way to college?

3. Consider repainting the room or adding to what is already there. Nothing says change like a fresh coat of paint! However, if painting isn’t your thing, a simple border around the ceiling or in the center of the wall could make a big difference. Wall murals showing off the latest trend in kid’s movies or something more timeless like Disney princess wall decals often can transform a room in minutes.

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I am please to welcome you to my bloggy friend, Nekky from Reflexions. I had the honor of guest posting on her blog and just had to return the favor. Nekky documents her journey through motherhood, family life, the challenges of raising TCK’s (Third Cultural Kids’) and her experiences as an Expat Woman.

Today, Nekky is sharing with us her creative and fashionable ideas for decorating your children’s space.  

My Children’s Rooms

Making over your children’s rooms can be exciting. There are a lot of creative ideas that parents can come up with and every child’s room that I have seen so far have all been different and unique. Some speaks about the child’s personality, others may have a more welcoming or relaxing atmosphere, and so on.

I’m in the middle of making over my children’s separate (5yrs and 3yrs) rooms, and here are the things I must have:


  • A fascinating colorful wall is a very good idea. Bright, colorful and cheerful wall paint or a mural helps creates an exciting & positive environment for the kids.

  • Every color has its own meaning – Green is for peace, Yellow signifies cheerfulness, Red symbolizes zeal and energy, Orange is one of the best colors, it creates a lively and fun-filled environment. Combining colors can also add appeal, so go for it!  View Post