With the release of Monsters University and Descipable Me 2 in theaters, my toddler keeps asking me to take him to the movies but, with a 5 month old, how can I possibly handle the two?  Do I get a sitter for the newborn?  Or do I wait for the DVD version?

Well, with these six simple tips  – passed down to me from other moms and from the web –  you won’t have to deprive your toddler from going to the movies even with a newborn in tow:

1. Plan ahead.  Read reviews, watch the rating and get advice from friends and family prior going to the movie. Also have the toddler take his bathroom break before the movie starts.  Get suitable treats for your toddler so that his/her experience is an enjoyable one.

2. Nap before.  For your toddler that is…if he/she is cranky, the movie experience will be a dreaded one and you’ll be leaving way before the movie starts.  For your newborn though, it might be best if you wait it out before their nap and hopefully your baby will sleep right through the movie.  A win win for all. View Post



Its been over a month now since the arrival of baby #2…and yes, while Lil T is all sorts of adorable and smells great, he is a one grumpy baby, sometimes I think he hates that I am his mommy and that’s why he cries often…one night he cried for five hours straight…yes non-stop.  What I’ve learned thus far as a mom is patience and boy oh boy, Lil T really pushes my limits.  Nothing seemed to have calmed him that night and that alone was frustrating, annoying and draining, until I became creative.

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And that’s why most of us will try just about anything to calm down our fussy babies, even if for a moment it will calm them down.   View Post


Geez, when they say every baby is different, they sure were right….Bringing home baby #2 a month ago has left me to ask myself “how did I get into this mess?”. While trying to figure out Lil T’s noises, sleeping patterns and the constant pressure of having “The Happiest Baby on the Block” had led me to realize that just because you have one child doesn’t mean you have mastered anything. So thanks to the folks over at Portlandia for providing us newbies with a little bit of comic relief on this thing called parenting. What are your parenting tips on handling a newborn?

So all in all, when it comes to parenting, sometimes it’s better to trust your instincts over something you read in a book.


While I am not by any means considered an “earthy” mom, I do however find myself on occasion using products that are eco-friendly, especially when it comes to baby products.  So when I had the opportunity to try out Jessica Alba‘s eco-friendly, non toxic baby products called the The Honest Company, I jumped at the chance.

I was recently given a small sample of diapers and wipes to try out and was sold immedialty on how cute, trendy and how eye-catching the packaging was.

Besides its eco-friendly, non toxic baby and home products, what impressed me the most is that the company takes in supporting companies that give back. So I was pleased to learn that The Honest Company donates time, products, and money to a great organization. Their current charitable partner is, a non-profit that supplies families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for children up to age 12.

More about the diapers and wipes below….To buy or not to buy?  View Post


Oh what the horror! Watching your baby cry can break your heart, especially when you’ve tried everything..from feeding, swaddling or changing her diapers just doesn’t do the trick, geez, then what is there left to do? Well, don’t fret, that’s where the Kids II Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer comes in. The one item that every new mom must own.

With ONLY a 20 minute assembly (Phillips head screw driver required, (3) C Batteries needed) here are some awesome features/benefits you will surely fall in love with it:

  • Automatic Bounce that mimics mom’s natural motion
  • 3 point safety harness keeps baby secure
  • 10 melodies and nature sounds to soothe baby
  • Nice stitching and soft plush hanging toys
  • Removable toy bar – pivots back for easy access to baby
  • Machine washable seat pad, bolster, and head rest
  • Integrated, cushioned foot rest and bolster for baby’s comfort
  • Non-slip feet

The Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer ($49.99), is sold in this fashion only at Target and on, and but is also sold at, Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby in other fashions. Be sure to check KIDS II on Twitter so you can keep up with all of their news on this bouncer and all their other great products.

Disclaimer: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Kids II, Inc. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review.