This week’s POSH MOM OF THE WEEK is not only a fellow blogger friend but, now new mom to a beautiful little girl named Sylvia – Kaitlyn Pierce.

Growing up in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts assured that Kaitlyn would be a true New England girl. She is a die hard New England sports fan, lover of all things visual, and local fashion activist working to bring more fashion to the Berkshires.

After marrying her best friend in October 2011 she joined forces with some fellow bloggers to found the popular blogger community and Twitter chat called Blog Trends. Kaitlyn also focuses on her love of fashion, food and healthy living on her personal blog She balances her role in Blog Trends, a career in social media and her personal blog with life as a new mom and wife.

IMG_4056sMommyPosh (MP): As a new mom, how did you feel when you first brought your newborn home?
Kaitlyn Pierce (KP): There are no words to describe how amazing it was to finally meet my daughter. I was even more excited to leave the hospital and show her new home. I have to admit it was definitely overwhelming the first couple of weeks. I probably slept a total of 14 hours the entire first week, and almost none of that was actually in my bed! I am a breastfeeding mom too, so there was times things were totally up to me. Thankfully now that she will be 6 weeks old we have a bit of a routine and much more sleep at night.

MP: Describe your “mom style”.
KP: For me the hardest part was giving up my heels, 5 inch platform pumps just aren’t practical (or safe!) to be taking care of my newborn. Thankfully the rest of my style works well with being a new mom. My makeup and hair routine in the morning is pretty minimal, I am a big fan of the natural look. I typically just do a bit of foundation, powder, blush, lip color and curl my eyelashes which gives me a fresh but easy look. I am a big fan of statement pieces as well, something that will elevate a simple look and make it worth a double take.

MP: Who/what is your style inspiration?
KP: I love that most of the blogs out there are done by real girls with different styles and body types. I get a lot of inspiration from the ones that actually have time to share photos of their daily outfits. While I take inspiration from some of the big names in fashion I certainly don’t have the budget to actually buy those designer pieces. I typically use them as inspiration and try to recreate looks at a more cost effective price point for myself. Here is a blog post I had done about some great bloggers for style inspiration –

MP: Where do you turn first when seeking parental advice?
KP: I am so thankful to be so close to my mother. She has worked in the medical field since before I was born so I trust her judgement above most others. Anytime I am unsure about anything I call her. Most recently I called her to ask her if she thought it was warm enough to take Sylvia for a walk. I thought it would be OK but it was nice to have her to validate me a bit.

MP: Are you a softie or a disciplinarian?
KP: I think I am a good mix of both. A few years ago I worked at a daycare and I quickly learned that children are not as simple minded as many think. They are great manipulators but also require a great deal of love and understanding. I found a good balance between sticking to my guns and listening and forgiving when I knew they were being genuine.

MP: What advice do you give to brand-new parents?
KP: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! I know a few times I tried really hard to do the entire night by myself without waking my husband because I wanted to prepare myself for when he went back to work. The reality is though that I really needed the help, I’d only been a mom for a week! Your routines and mommy skills will develop quickly but in the beginning it is important to take care of yourself. Even if that means making sure that you get to shower and do your hair and makeup each day, it makes such a huge difference. The other important thing is to make sure that you incorporate time for yourself into your new routines, otherwise you will begin to lose yourself which can lead to all sorts of bad things, and that is no good for you or for your new baby! View Post


42-year old, KYMBERLY MARCIANO has traveled the world in her years as a model for over a decade and now as a LA-based photographer for children and adolescent and with her extensive philanthropic work we wonder to ourselves  “I don’t know how she does it”.  Mom of four, Marciano, has contributed to campaigns and editorials for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Guess Kids, The Children’s Place, Vogue Bambini and most recently Babiekins Magazine.

I recently had the privilege of chatting it up with this busy mom (from ages 18, 17, 14 and 6) post her most recent project as the official photographer during New York City’s Petite Parade Kids Fashion Week.

Below are excerpts from a conversation with Marciano about her passion, inspiration for work and how exactly she manages it all.

MOMMY POSH: Congrats on being the official photographer at the Petite Parade Kids Fashion Show. Heard it was a huge success.  

KYMBERLY MARCIANO: Thank you, it was busy backstage, shooting every single collection of every designer, I didn’t even make it out to the show…I have never done anything like this before..I live in LA, we don’t have anything like this.

MP: Working with kids can be a little challenging, how are able to control the kids or your environment? 

KM: I have to attribute that to my work as a model, I think my experience in that world helps and also being a momma for so long certainly helps.  With my oldest one being 18, I think I understand what they are going through and not being able to letting them get away with everything is a must.  Just like with your owns kids, I use “pinky swears”.

I have the best job, I love shooting kids, tweens and kids and getting them ready to go off on their journey.

Eating healthy, drinking enough water are key, if your parenting is in check then its easily to delve in the creative.

MP: What inspires your photos? 

KM: Life inspires me.  I love life, color and ambiance.  Ambiance is really important to me, it can get rowdy or whimsical. Anything goes.

MP: So you would say your job is relatable since you are a mom as a well as a model? 

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This week’s POSH MOM OF THE WEEK is a MOM after my own heart..she loves reality TV, married to a techie and wrting is her passion…I think I’ve found my doppelgänger…Ok, you be the judge…Let’s welcome Tiffany Fulcher, the Founding-Editor of, a site dedicated to fashion, relationship, cool gadgets and much much more.

MommyPosh: Tell us about yourself. Your Family.  

Tiffany Fulcher: I am a wife, mother, writer and educator. I write for several outlets, including my blog I am also an instructor part-time at a community college and teach a college writing class. If I were not a teacher and a writer I would probably be in the fashion industry because I love clothes…lol! I also love anything vintage, art, literature, and music. I am kind of like a hippie but I have to be free spirited while wearing Gucci shoes…lol!

I have been married for nine years and have 3 beautiful children. My husband is my exact opposite, a techie with a personality to match. Two girls Sydnei 8 the diva and Symone 16mons the boss who really runs the family and a son Trey age 4 ½ who is Mr. Personality.

MP: You are a mom, a wife, a woman – what do you take most pride in?

TF: I would have to say that I take great pride in being a wife. I thoroughly enjoy the relationship I have with my spouse. If it weren’t for his love and support I couldn’t be the mother that I am. He knows me so well and takes such great care of our family. I appreciate the opportunity to be by his side as a life partner. He truly balances me out. We are very different but compliment each other quite well. It’s an exciting journey!

MP: How would you describe yourself as a mom?

TF: I am very hands on with my kids. I love them dearly and try to be very present with them. I love being in the moment! I spend a lot of time and energy teaching, encouraging, laughing, and playing with them. I want the best for them so I do have high expectations, however I try to reach them where they are individually and not look at them as a collective group.

MP: Tell us about your blog –

TF: is my baby, I love to write. Recently the site has been more momcentric focusing on subjects most moms will find interesting. I do however write about relationships, religion, politics, reality tv…lol! I write about it all it’s my daily musings of life from my perspective.

I was inspired to launch the site when I became a stay at home mom after my son was born. I needed an outlet and started writing. I started reading other blogs and decided hey I can do this…TiffanyFulcher was born. I have been writing every since! Next year will be 5 years…wow time has really flown by.

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This week’s POSH MOM OF THE WEEK has been a lover of fashion and style for over 20 years. As a working mom herself, she loves helping other working moms refine their wardrobes and edit their closets in ways that are fun, easy and affordable.

Let’s welcome Heidi Moon, the Founding-Editor of her fashion blog, The Closet Coach.  Heidi provides real-world style advice to women who are balancing their frantic, fabulous lives. Heidi and I met over at FBFF, a Goggle fashion blogger group, where she provides blogging and networking tips for first time bloggers.  With Heidi’s great sense of style for working moms, tips/advice on how to look FAB while being on a budget makes this week’s feature spotlight a no-brainer:

MommyPosh: Tell me about yourself. Your Family.  

Heidi Moon: I grew up in Arizona, went to school in New Orleans (where I met my awesome husband) and lived in Miami and Norfolk, Va. before winding up in the DC area where I’ve now been since 1998. I started off in journalism, made the switch to “new media” and now work for an interactive agency as director of marketing. My husband and I have a 7-year-old daughter and she is, of course, the smartest, prettiest child in the world.

MP: You are a mom, a wife, a woman – what do you take most pride in?

HM: I consider each of these roles to be one facet of who I am as a person. At any given moment, I can be one of them–or all of them!

MP: How would you describe yourself as a mom?

HM: Sometimes strict, sometimes indulgent, always imperfect and totally over the moon for my girl child.

MP: Tell us about your blog – The Closet Coach.

HM: I’ve been interested in style and fashion since back in the day–high school, to be exact–and in various forms ever since (here’s the full version of the story). I also had a personal blog since 2000. The inspiration to combine these two interests popped into my head one day 2 years ago while I was gardening and that same weekend in March the Closet Coach was born. View Post