Thanks to the folks over at Bravo TV I now am hooked to their new scripted comedy, Odd Mom Out, based off the novel, Momzillas by Jill Kargman. 

I think that all of my friends (whether you are a mom or not) can agree that this is must see TV!

Watch the trailer to find out why this will be the newest show that I obsess over!


Jill, the lovable “Odd Mom” lives in Upper East Side New York with her family and can’t help but make fun of her competitive parenting environment.  Now as an Odd Mom myself, I can truly relate. From Kindergarten applications to the pressures of joining a spinning class.

But what better way to share your Odd Mom-isms than sharing it with friend who accepts all of you and keeps things in a “realistic” perspective. 

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“Bless your heart”…for having mommy-me time?? After Lil’ B was born, I was dying for some ME time…and I am not talking about uninterrupted bathroom break, nope, I needed a weekend getaway with the gals, sans the family…So when I presented this little getaway escape, a few a of my mom friends gasp and not with delight, but with shock and horror and refusal of wanting to leave their precious cargo overnight.  As my patience wore thin, I argued how the husband would take care of kids, how much this is needed, blah blah blah, one would have thought that I was asking them to give up a year of being a mom..even though at times that would be nice…kidding!  But seriously, is there a crime for wanting a break away from the family??

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Style Network’s docu-drama, “Big Rich Texas,” is back for a third season. Big hair, big attitudes and big drama cause big changes at the Woodhaven Country Club when newcomers Cindy and her daughter Alex arrive at the country club.

“Big Rich Texas” is filmed in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas, and follows five wealthy mother/daughter duos while they summer at their exclusive country club.

Single mom Cindy spends her days shopping and her nights partying as her 15 year-old daughter, Alex, finds herself playing “Mom” to her own mother more often than not.

Get ready for more mother and daughter drama of ‘Big Rich Texas.’ Watch the season premiere, Sunday October 7 at 8/7c.



The season premiere of TLC’s Extreme Couponing aired this past Wednesday and all I can say is WOW!….this is not a show that I would usually watch (what’s that again about my guilty pleasure?) but I tuned in because of my new mom friend who is a self proclaimed “couponer”…huh? what’s a couponer, I wondered? well according to, a couponer (noun) is a person who seeks out or saves discount as for buying grocery items. So, when I found out about my friend’s love for couponing, I had to wonder, is she a coupon addict? a food junkie? or just plain savvy? I later went home and googled “couponing” and saw an overwhelming list of coupon blogs, reality TV shows and links associated with couponing…a topic that was once a dirty little secret has now taken a life of its own.

So, after watching 5 minutes of the show, I couldn’t believe how jaw dropping it was.  In one scene, a women takes us into her basement called “the cookie jar” which is filled with wall to wall amounts of toothpastes, spaghetti sauces, deodorants, you name it, she had it. She did clarify though that she is NOT a hoarder, so, with crazy eyes she says “hoarders have dust, I do not have dust, dust is the dividing factor.”  Seriously, that’s the dividing factor??!!

"The Cookie Jar" Basement

Of course everyone loves good savings, but when is too much to much?  Another women shows us how she and her sister spends hours and hours clipping coupons. During her visit to the supermarket she is excited that she has “the holy grail of coupons”.   Guess this is not to far from my addiction to shoes, designer purses, costume jewelry, makeup, gossip mags….blah blah blah.

I do admire how committed these ladies are to saving money, but it appears to be more stressful than fun.  That doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching…’cause now I’m hooked!

Extreme Couponing airs Wednesdays on TLC, 10/9c.