Preschool Athlete Program Helps Make Separation a Little Easier on Parents.  Does your little one just not want to let go when you try to say good-bye for Preschool or even feel a bit anxious when you drop them off at their friend’s birthday party? Entering a new environment filled with unfamiliar people can cause anxiety for children — and their parents!



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I was looking for a place in Westchester (30 minutes from NYC) for some much needed mom-me time and that is exactly what I found in this new gem of a place located in Elmsford, NY. First let me preface by saying that I am a total salon snob, yep, thats me…bonafide salon snob. I’m so snobby, that if I’m not like, familiar with the salon equipment supplier, then it’s a no-go salon for me. So when I was introduced to yet another salon called I simply wanted to know what made this place so different…. View Post