Look I get it…motherhood is not a bed of roses each and everyday, its full of its up and downs..from late night feedings, ensuring your child is being the best he/she can be, stressing about the type of friends your child will interact with, bullying, you name it. Trust me motherhood is tough, not because you are doing it wrong, because its tough for every mom.  All the wisdom and courage you need to be the best mother ever is inside you, inside your self doubt, inside your mind…Ok so right now let’s vow to be that mother you can be without the self doubt and intimidation, trust me, you are not alone.  So today I am going to share with you 5 reasons why I love motherhood and why you should, me you’ll feel great knowing it….

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Last Thursday, I was honored to be amongst such talented, beautiful and successful mom bloggers at the first (and hopefully not the last) “Mommy Meet Up” event hosted by Essence magazine and Chic Busy Mom.

Upon entry, we were immediately greeted by a life size poster of the magazine’s latest issue and the iconic logo on their fourth floor offices, located in New York City.

photo 2

We were then escorted into a meeting room that was filled with sandwiches, chips and most importantly refreshments aka liquid lunch.

From the smiling faces and positive atmosphere, I knew instantly that this was going to be a fun afternoon….and boy was I RIGHT!ess1

Topics included chatting about mommy guilt, celeb moms that inspires us (for me its Nicole Ritchie) and tips and advice on finding time with our significant. It was indeed an intimate, eye-opening experience that left us all wanting to know when the next Mommy Meet Up would be.

Visit #EssenceMoms on Twitter and on Instagram to get even more details and pics about this fab event.

 chic busy moms_group photo

#EssenceMoms Mommy Meet Up roll call (in no particular order):
@MommyFactor, @MMNeighborhood, @TheGetFitDiva, @SmartNSassyMom, @NYStateofMom, @OMGhada, @AfropolitanMom, @ThirtyMommy, @Sofamilyonline, @TraceyChambersVI, @IbiZoboi, @BeautyNBumpNYC,
@MommyPosh, @MomsNCharge, @BklynActiveMama, @LosingCity

And if the fab convo and meet and great wasn’t enough, Essence and Chic Busy Mom gifted us with an amazing goodie bag, which included the latest issue of Essence Mag (also as an added bonus my son’s godmother/cousin appears in the ad on page 63), lipstick and a “Mommy” bracelet (pictured below) created by  Baubles by Meg.

photo 2

So thanks Essence magazine and Candace (ChicBusyMom) for a beautiful afternoon.

What events have you attended that makes your heart sing?  Do you wish there were more (if any) mommy meet up groups in your neck of the woods?